Do It At Mother's and Save

Every product has a different manufacturer's warranty. Each warranty gives the purchaser of the product certain exact rights. Some warranties are for 90 days, some for 1 year, some for 5 years and some are Limited Lifetime warranties.

Some warranties are for parts. Some are for labor. Some  have  a combination of both.

What  does this mean to you?  It means you need to make sure that whatever you buy and wherever you buy it that you know what the warranty is. Plus you need to know what your responsibilities under the warranty are. You may have to mail in a Warranty Card to activate your warranty.

Every warranty requires one common item, your proof of purchase. Whose responsibility is it to keep that proof of purchase in a safe place? Well, yes it's yours. We can assist you by keeping our computer records but computers crash and sometimes software becomes corrupted or obsolete. Remember we started out in 1984 and those early customers still have a fully in effect Life Time Warranty if they have their receipt.

What if you don't have proof of purchase any longer due to an extremely valid reason? Well, the manufacturer may or may not grant you free warranty coverage. We will always try and help you no matter what, we will try and replace merchandise if possible. Under these circumstances we do reduce our labor rate and we will reduce the price on the parts you may require.

Your original receipt is always a qualified proof of purchase.